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Parging adds a new protective layer for your foundation. It can help fix any cracks, protects from water leaks by waterproofing, as well as reduce energy cost. Last but not least, give your home a nice smooth look


Driveway looking warn out? Garage floor is cracking? Pathway is destroyed? Patio is not in a good shape? We help you restore a nice smooth floor looking brand new. We use top of the line concrete water and salt resistant


Interlock can really improve the look of your home. Get it done the right and clean way

Building & Repair

Looking to change your door steps or build a pathway in front or back yard? We can help. We build concrete front steps and porch as well as patios

Excavating foundation repairs

Sometimes water starts leaking into the house from the basement, we hand dig it and repair the cracks with waterproofing and blue skin


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